This design for a new regional airport in Szymany, Poland aims to establish a connection between the regional character and oncoming air operations. The areas of Warmia and Mazury are famous for natural landscapes and the new airport will be the first impression for thousands of visitors. Thus, the architecture is meant to synthesize the localness into a sincere and elegant terminal, and through minimalist space arrangement allowing intuitive passenger experience

Szymany airport - function diagram

Szymany airport - ground floor plan

The volume corresponds with vernacular farmhouses, while the used materials, glulam and polycarbonate, are a play with aerospace structures: plywood and sheathing. The border between landside and airside is defined by a double-height insert finished with local brick. We believe this design is an environmentally responsible choice that successfully merges the regional character and uncompromised modernity.


Project info

name: Szymany airport
date: February 2013
location: Szymany, Poland

type: open competition
size: 6000 m2
materials: wood, polycarbonate, brick

competition: organized by Mazury Airport, Poland
team: Piotr Paczkowski, Łukasz Pita, Martina Melegari, Marek Paczkowski
entry link: 5th Prize (results)