In Poland the omnipresence of catalog houses became an important issue, as they tend to lead to spatial chaos and neglect the historical differences between regions, not mentioning the low architectural quality of the designs. The administration of one of the Polish regions established an architectural competition to call for ideas for a reference house, that would continue the vernacular traditions while answering the needs of a contemporary family. The house needed to be energy-saving and ready for modifications.
This concept is offering a comfort and accessibility through having only one story. It provides a generous space for social gathering space in the double height family room and offers privacy in each of the three bedrooms. The garden facade brings in a plenty of daylight and offers a direct connection with the garden, while the overhang above the doors prevents the excessive solar radiation and offers further protection against harsh weather.

The main house is designed for 4 inhabitants, while the second volume hosts the technical and storage areas and can be used as a workshop, garden studio or guest house.


Project info

name: Rural low-energy house
date: January 2015
location: Poland

type: design competition
size: 175m2
materials: timber, wood fibre insulation

competition: Family house in regional landscape organised by Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
team: Piotr Paczkowski, Marek Paczkowski
entry link: –