It was very cold in February in Northern Sweden, so there are just a few pictures. We were building two movable saunas, by referencing the dimensions our bodies to a timber frame structure. The walls were fitted with insulation and vapour barrier and cladded with raw spruce.

We used the saunas very frequently in the next months, and they were absolutely phenomenal with the smell of spruce, light from the wood stove and very human dimension of the space. However, we needed to watch for floating chunks of ice, when we went to dip into the river in March…

The saunas were available to the public upon an earlier reservation and we heard a lot of kind words from the people who tried them. The workshop was led by Sami Rintala, we had lots of fun and I learnt to use a nail gun, what a tool!


Project info

name: One-week sauna
date: February 2015
location: Umeå, Sweden

type: design & build workshop
size: hosting up to 8 people
materials: spruce, rockwool, bitumen paper

team: LiAi, 10 students
tutoring: Sami Rintala, Alberto Altés
photographs: Piotr Paczkowski