After the era of welfare state and ‘Million Programme‘, Sweden is no longer at the forefront of affordable housing. Few large owners and developers have clearly defined the market and seem to be well too comfortable in their positions, while a number of citizens, especially with lower income and surplus time, like students and immigrants, are left to experience the consequences of housing crisis. This project challenges the problem by providing the basics, Infrastructure for Common Life, and letting the users negotiate the shape and arrangement of their accommodation. It is a citizen-driven process of inhabiting a city, which can make itself into an exciting and affordable alternative to flat-packed standardized developments.


Project info

name: Infrastructure for Common Life
date: January, 2015
location: Umeå, Sweden

type: design concept
size: fully scalable
materials: steel, wood, polycarbonate

team: Piotr Paczkowski
tutoring: Alberto Altés, Josep Garriga
images: Piotr Paczkowski