Raw blocks of ice are carriers of information, used as a transparent wall. The message is formed as a code, with a visual expression of digital noise. Applied using spray, it recalls a primitive meaning of a graffiti manifesto. The information is readable only through digital devices and requires active involvement from a viewer. The code is vulnerable to passage of time and will become unreadable at some point. The project debates the transformation of Umeå for 2014 Capital of Culture and its very neat public spaces. It gives an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and durability of culture in the context of nature and constant social changes.

The workshop was realized as a collaboration between Mirosław Bałka Studio of Spatial Activities, Department of Media Art, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Laboratory of Sustainable Architectural Production, Umeå School of Architecture and Polish Institute in Stockholm for the opening week of Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture.

Project info

name: Ice workshop
date: February 2014
location: Umeå, Sweden

type: ice workshop
size: 3 blocks of ice
materials: ice, spray paint

team: Sebastian Krok, Marcin Romaniuk, Piotr Paczkowski
tutoring: Mirosław Bałka, Dan Lestander
photographs: Piotr Paczkowski