The future has arrived. In Sweden, a country famous for its close relation with nature, we’re now working in an artificially created environment where air and light, the most obvious human needs are defined by programmers of the HVAC and lighting systems.

I have a specific interest in exploring the new Architecture School building at Umeå Arts Campus, designed by Henning Larsen Architects. I would like to point at this new indoor environment phenomena by taking measurements and presenting the real-time data to the public. The project takes into account CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity and light intensity. Everyone, especially a future architect, should know what is the air we breathe and what light comes to our desks.

Habitat.Decoded is my first step into the Arduino environment, combined with other open-source platforms and elements. I am releasing the outcome of on the same basis, by publishing collected data and this short manual. This will hopefully make the implementation much easier and faster for the next projects dealing with the same matters. Everyone can extract and mix the interesting parts of this project for any further use.