My Master Thesis is an extensive study of the architecture providing social sustainability in the remote areas of Northern Sweden. The project was triggered by a number of bike trips around Umeå, which allowed me to notice the special role of the village stores as places not only to do errands, but in first place to meet others, performing vital social roles in the area.

During a further study trip we discovered that many stores have already closed down, and my further study investigated the existing conditions and logic behind the present situation. Apparently, the increased mobility encourages people from the mountain areas of Norrland to drive even 3 hours one way to shop in a larger supermarket in one of the cities on the Baltic coast.

I proposed to reorganise the food supply and introduce new type of buildings, which would use the specific local conditions to reduce the maintanence and could be operated by local communities.

The drawings presented here are presenting ‘Size M’, which is a low cost, climate responsive multifunctional building based on an idea of a ‘Box’ inside a ‘Greenhouse’. The two are the complementary opposites. The Greenhouse tempers the climate to conditions similar to Northern Italy,  and The Box provides what is missing outside: the heat and light in winter and the cold and darkness in the summer.

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