This trip occured spontaneously. I went to Gothenburg to meet two of my good friends. We wanted to spend a week on our bikes, and so decided to pack all the stuff to a van and drive a bit north.

There wasn’t too much planning, we only managed to buy a map in the very last minute before the whole country closed down for the Midsommer holidays. So all we had was a good map, all our gear and one week time. We parked the car at the shore of Lake Vänner and got on the bikes.

Our days had the same rythm. First, we would cook breakfast and pack the tent. Then, we would cover the first 30-40 kilometers and stop in a town to stock up the food. The ice-cream was tasting especially good under the midday sun.

After a quick lunch, we would hit the road again and maybe stop for dinner once we passed by a spectacular place. Once it was starting to get dark, we would search for a good place to camp and stay overnight. We were doing around 100 km each day, and so in the evening we were really tired.

However, what I liked most, was that each day was completely different. The new landscapes, roads and weather conditions made our trip more than interesting.

We met a lot of friendly locals, encountered some wildlife and visited a did some sightseeing. Our gear managed to get some minor breakdowns, but they didn’t slow us down…

That way, we went around the largest lake in the European Union. Nearly 600 km in a week, who would have thought. It was really good fun!

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