This project was developed in a team during a one-week annual wood workshop at Laboratory of Sustainable Architectural Production. We had some high quality pinewood and a task to build a staircase reaching 2,40 m, but using only wooden joints. No screws, nails or glue was allowed.

Inspired by Japanese joinery, we chose to test the tensile strength of our material and manufactured a system of joints that allowed us to assemble a functional staircase. It was a challenging and rewarding task and we were very pleased with the aesthetics of the final result.

Video by Bharat Patel

Project info

name: All-timber hanging staircase
date: April 2014
location: Umeå, Sweden

type: design & build workshop
size: 2,40m high
materials: only wood

team: LSAP, 8 students
tutoring: Walter Unterrainer
video: Bharat Patel