We want to define a place with an unforgettable, informal, festive atmosphere where people can enjoy a summer afternoon.A meeting point easy to find both during day and night. Our solution is not strictly formal, rather a synthesis of the summer spirit. We design a light, colorful structure that will be a clear landmark in Tøyen park. It will be a cloud of lightbulbs enclosed in tinted wraps, hanging between the surrounding trees. During the day, it will filter the sunlight, react to the wind and provide a slight shadow. At dusk the bulbs will gently lighten-up, enriching the unique night ambiance with dimmed, soft light. The perfect space for your free time.


We want this feeling to enter in your memory and give it back to you under a different form. The lightbulbs will be sent to the ØyA 2014 participants after the festival and the colored lampshades will be reused as biocompostable packaging. The sustainable action will continue afterparty.


Project info

name: Afterparty
date: February 2014
location: Oslo, Norway

type: design competition
materials: lightbulbs, biodegradable plastic

competition: 120 Hours, Norway
team: Piotr Paczkowski, Łukasz Pita, Martina Melegari
entry link: Afterparty